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While the attendance in Kentucky was low make sure you take a look in the stands from yesterdays NAPCAR race in Dover as well. I would guess that, it too, was about half (or less) full.

Back to IRL...I gotta say that 200 laps of several drivers driving around, flat, is not racing and I really hope that the new engines make for some actual racing and race-craft.

Something IS going on back here earth movers have been busy outside of corner! and a bit south of the paddock!

Norris, the fact that auto racing is banished by the Toronto Star to a blog (please do not take offence that it is your blog, it sure be an editor's decision) speaks volumes of what publicity hurdle Indycar racing is up against.
All the TV sport stations are in exclusive contract with NASCAR (except versus which is not available in Canada). They are not going to promote Indycar, they promote NASCAR that it IS THE ONLY FORM of auto racing in existence.
To me, Indycar racing is the most classical form of auto racing. It is a far superior form of entertainment if you look a the technical regulations, to NASCAR.
The problem is that not enough people are being introduced to this category.
As for who is paying how much for a ride, it is pure capitalism at work: supply/demand. I can make peace with that notion too.

Adam, you could advertise and expose Indycar 'til the cows come home, the show is still generally bush-league crap, no matter how much I wish it wasn't.

For the past five years Penske and Ganassi have dominated to the degree that most of the races are basically over before they're done--especially on road courses. TK's been the one strong exception, and he's out of a competitive ride now. The odd win by RHR or Danica is usually pit or fuel strategy.

SOME of the oval races are exciting (Iowa and Kentucky are both usually fun to watch) but most are about the same as on the road courses... Penske Driver A or Ganassi Driver B starts on pole, leads either the entire race (road course), or trades lead with Penske Driver B or Ganassi Driver A a few times flat out using push-to-pass (oval.) Rinse and Repeat.

Let's not even get started on the ridiculous antics in the pits, the constant preening and whining by their "champion who can do no wrong" Franchitti (who I used to be a fan of in CART, and have lost a lot of respect for), the allowing of completely untested, unproven wreckfest drivers to race (Takuma Sato, Milk and Donuts, Pippa Mann), or having only a handful of marketable American drivers (which as much as I hate to say it, is very important.)

Indy continues to be a spectacle, but the rest of the races is pretty awful, on an overall season-long basis.

NASCAR has a LOT of problems, I could go on forever about those, but compared to the IRL they're consumate professionals.

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