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I'm fairly certain the person in F1 who decides if tracks are safe, if races start, if they get called due to rain, etc. is Charlie Whiting, who works for the FIA, not F1. The stewards, the ones who assess penalties, etc. are completely separate, and other than the steward who a former driver (who is always announced), I don't think the names of the other 2 are ever disclosed, in part because they are volunteers (I think). So comparing Barnhart to the F1 stewards isn't a fair comparison. And if Charlie Whiting started making the kind of bonehead decisions that Barnhart made, he'd probably find himself looking for a new job too. But I think you're right about the Indy rules being a mess.

√Čric Boullier impresses me less and less every time he makes any kind of major decision. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem at all with women in F1 - as long as they're qualified to be there. If this woman is as unqualified as you say, I can't wait to see how the FIA responds when Boullier (or maybe I should just start calling him Boullidiot) tries to get her a Superlicense.

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