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I made an effort to follow CASCAR in the early 2000s, but once TSN went to full (albeit tape delay) coverage of the Canadian Tire Series, I haven't missed a race. It's really one of the best, most exciting series in the world and it doesn't get enough attention. It has just the right mix of oval track and road racing... And unlike a lot of road racing, there's constant wheel-to-wheel racing. You really watch an NCATS race knowing that pretty much anyone in the top 12 or so has a legitimate shot at the win... And (especially if you live in Ontario) you can then go see them live for a really affordable price. I've never missed an NCATS race at Delaware Speedway!

The NASCAR Cup series could learn a thing or two from them... Add a couple more road courses, and put them back on bias ply tires so they can slide around naturally!

Stewart didn't win the Phoenix race, Kahne did.

Stewart has also won twice at Homestead, in fact he won the first Cup race held at Homestead.

Sports teams in Canada, NASCAR included, do NOT know how to promote themselves. It is a sad state of affairs when U.S. college football outdraws any Canadian sports team hands down!

Let's hope it's a good, clean (ie honest) race, but above all a SAFE RACE!

Burnout, clashing of cars, super chase. Can't get better than any of these than NASCAR.

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