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Thank you Norris, for bringing up what so many people don't seem to want to... Never mind that he took out a championship contender on a hot streak in a series he doesn't even collect points in... Never mind that he retaliated for a simple racing mistake... Never mind that both trucks were easily repairable and could've still won the race... And never mind that it was done under caution. Kyle Busch did not spin Hornaday out or bump him... He hooked him, Left-Front to Right-Rear. There's an unspoken rule among us drivers in circle track racing that you simply don't do that, it's obscenely dangerous not only for the victim, but the carnage that often follows to cars behind. Kyle Busch was trying to injure Ron Hornaday, plain and simple. Had the SAFER barriers not been there, he might have succeeded. I say ban him from the Truck Series for life.

The little $hit has NO respect for anything!!
When he smashed the guitar last year, I lost any little bit of respect I might have had for him...he DISRESPECTED the event, the honor of the prize, and the person that spent his/her time and talent building the guitar. He continues to do stupid things !!
Driving at over 120 MPH in a 40 MPH zone !!
Fire him..He's a punk!!

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