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You are absolutely correct, Norris. Driving for Marussia or one of those back mark jalopy outfits won't do him any good. I mean even in the 2nd day of the money bag testing, Autosport couldn't even be bothered to publish Wickens time nor his name. It was all about that French cat who was fastest in a Red Bull and incidently was Wickens teammate this past year. Wickens was the better driver but all the media focuses on is a scant three days of driving. Not a whole season. Pathetic. Hell, why not. Indy Car. Better than a kick in the pants ...or a Marussia.

Why would Robert want to join IndyCar, he has already won a low level open wheel championship. Besides he would look like hell in short shorts and high heels.

Personally I think Wickens should stay in Europe and go to GP2, although he has had success in GP3, GP2 graduates have had great success towards building a F1 career..For instance Petrov, Hamilton, Rosberg, Maldonado, and Hulkenberg have all gone through GP2 and look at where they are today. Obviously the money is a huge issue, but some success in GP2 will sort that out.

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