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Kyle Busch is a complete a$$hole...should have been suspended for the balance of the year from ALL NASCAR events :-)
When is he going to learn !!

if it was against the rules, then he deserves it.

Not much to say about Kyle Busch. His level of talent and poor judgement are both well developed but this guy if you can believe it for someone who is still young is slowly but surely making his way out of NASCAR. And it won't be his choice. Big name teams won't put up with that nor will sponsors. He got replaced at Hendrick, is burning bridges galore at Gibbs Racing and don't even mention Roush after his brother stunk up the place.

But what about NASCAR? They deserve a huge heap of scorn as well. Mike Helton and Co. should've dropped the hammer a long time ago on certain drivers from Carl Edwards to Harvick to Busch and gave out soft penalities. Now they come out and say the line was crossed. The line was crossed when Edwards wrecked Keselowski a while back. This is way late.

So what they are faster, the rnacig was nothing compared to NASCAR. More class? I call bullshit. Just because busch has no class, doesn't mean that NASCAR doesn't. With the merge of cart and irl, indy car lost a lot of class. You can say cart was mis-managed, but it would still be its own if the rnacig was truly great and had fans that would stick up for them.

kyle is not S, Sr had class he respected every one and eoynevre respected him for how he drove i dont see anything about kyle that remind me of Sr, your and idiot to think just because all he dose is crash that all of a sudden hes like Sr your and idiot if you remember Sr like that he was much more way more

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