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I don't know anything about their personal lives but I do know Hamilton is the better driver and if it wasn't for the fact that he seems to get penalized for looking sideways he would be ahead of Button in the championship. How many times has Button out qualified Hamilton?

@Patrick Wannamaker Lewis is certainly the more aggressive driver of the two at McLaren, and that's certainly helped him win races, but it's also lost him a few races. I would agree that he seems to get tagged with penalties more than others, but he also has a habit of taking himself out of the race at least twice a season, every season. Jenson on the other hand is very even keeled, and absolutely great at both tire management and driving in changeable conditions. As for qualifying times, this year you need to take qualifying times with a grain of salt. In the past, qualifying was extremely important, but this year it's been fairly common for a driver to setup their car for race pace as opposed to qualifying pace. Jenson does it all the time - he regularly races (and qualifies) with different gearing than Lewis.

I really like Lewis as a driver, and he seems like a decent guy. But frankly, F1 drivers are supposed to be the best in world - true professionals - and should be able to turn in great results regardless of the state of their personal lives. If Lewis is letting his personal life, or his emotions on track, interfere with his driving than that's a fairly major weakness. Hamilton may have more raw talent than Button, but right now I'd say Button is, from an overall point of view, the better driver.

@Norris Apparently Lewis and his father are doing okay on a personal level, as long as they don't talk about racing (what else do those two have to talk about???) But I suspect that they'll never reconcile on a professional level. When father and son business teams break up, they almost never get back together. And recent comments made by both of them seem to make it clear that when it comes to the professional side of their relationship they're still miles apart. I think the problem is that Hamilton signed with a management firm that is very good a getting their clients big money endorsement deals, and they're good at negotiating employment contracts, but they don't provide the kind of day-to-day professional management services that Lewis used to get from his Dad (some drivers are regularly accompanied by the manager and all PR events and throughout the race weekend, while others aren't). Perhaps Lewis didn't realize he needed that kind of day-to-day management when he switched from his Dad to Simon Fuller's firm. It sounds like he's now realized that he needs that kind of day-to-day consistent track side support, the problem is that having alienated his father (and now that his father has responsibilities elsewhere), he may have trouble finding the kind of support he's looking for (especially if he goes looking for it in a romantic relationship).

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