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To say Kurt should sit six months is way too idealistic than realistic. The fact remains he's by far the most talented driver for hire, and there are a lot of teams - and sponsors - who will benefit from finally getting some TV time. I personally hope RPM is able to figure out a way to keep AJ in the fold as well (Kurt and AJ are my two fave drivers, so I'm more than a little torn about this news), however you really can't blame them for doing what needs to be done to keep Best Buy in the mix. And, honestly, who could blame Best Buy? I bet despite all the controversy M&Ms is pretty happy with having Kyle Busch as their driver rather than their previous drivers David Gilliland, Elliott Sadler, or Derrick Cope (back when it was the Skittles car). Exposure is exposure.

Big league auto racing is beholden to those individuals who control the pursestrings. This driver was removed from the Penske seat for the simple reason that he had become a financial liability. If Miller Brewing, Texaco, Cadbury or Ralph's Recycling experience a loss of revenue as a result of ineffective marketing (in this case, behaviour), they will change the marketing strategy.
Nascar maintains its disingenuous connection to God and country along with wholesome family values. Praise the Lord and pass me a Bud! God bless America and hand me a Twinkie. If the hillbillies in the stands (or watching on the tube) stop purchasing the sponsoring product, expect a reaction. Nascar's bigger problem; fewer hillbillies in the stands.

I'm a lifelong fan of Petty and the 43 car. Whoever is in that car, that's my guy. With that said, I love AJ Allmendinger. He has me excited to be a Petty fan because his progress over the last few years has been fantastic. He's also been a great guy both times I met him. If RPM wants to sign Busch, that's great. But don't replace AJ or take him out of the 43. Try to set up a 3rd car for Kurt. Kurt is talented, but he doesn't fit the Petty legacy. AJ does. And AJ proved his loyalty by sticking with the team through their bankruptcy. To push him out would be a low class move.

If Curse Buschleague is hired and RPM lets Allmindinger go it will be concrete proof that NA$CAR is all about being the biggest prostitute for a dollar,ever. If that scenario comes to pass then shame on you Richard Petty, you will have completely sold your name and reputation and lowered yourself to the level of the other whores that nowadays run NA$CAR.

If BestBuy sponsors Kurt Busch, I will never buy from them again! Kurt represents everything which is wrong with pro sports today. Except for drug abuse... Mayfield has that covered.

If RPM hired Busch, they'd be looking for another driver before the halfway point of the season. King Richard wouldn't put up with that mess for long, and even Murstein and Loomis would lose interest. They'd end up hiring Reutimann or Vickers off the unemployment line and throwing away the season at that point. If you're going to ditch the Dinger, do it for Reutimann. He's got years of experience getting wins out of mid-pack equipment and pitching for an electronics and appliances company.

Well i for one went out and spent $450.00 at Best Buy when i found out Kurt was being considered for the iconic 43. Kurt said the exact same thing as Chad Knaus except he didn't use the word mother. Watch inside nascar and you will see. Your nascar champ was almost held in Austraila for trouble with a track owner and don't give me the bull of past recotd because both of these guys have one. Go Kurt

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