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This program blocking business should be illegal. If the TV subscription inlcudes the channels carrying the same thing, all choices should be available to watch since they were paid for by the subscriber. How TSN is interfering with Speed's F1 race broadcast is totally unacceptable.

Kubica's career is over. All parties just beating around the bush, but he is not able-bodied. He survived Montreal, then the rally crash, he should be happy to live.

There's always RDS! Although I prefer Martin Brundle to Pierre Houde. No offense, Pierre.

Dany Bahar is the CEO of Group Lotus, the car company, not the CEO of Lotus-Renault F1. The majority owner of Lotus F1 (which is what the team will be called in 2012) is NOT Group Lotus, it's Genii Capital who's Chairman is Gerard Lopez. As such Gerard Lopez also serves as the Chairman of Lotus F1, while Éric Boullier is the "Team Principal & Managing Director" of Lotus F1. Just because Group Lotus owns 25% of Team Lotus it doesn't mean that Dany has much to do with operations of the team (despite the fact that he talks like he does). The person running the team and making the decisions is Éric Boullier, which means he'll (hopefully) be the one held accountable if Kimi doesn't deliver, and he'll (hopefully) be held accountable for the poor PR handling of the Kubica situation.

I agree with your friend if, by the end of 2012, Kubica can actually manage to pilot an F1 car around a track with a decent time he'll likely be at the top of the list of drivers to replace Massa.

I see TSN have announced they are showing F1, but do we know what feed it will be! Please be the SKY feed!

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