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Danica Patrick is doomed to do no better in NASCAR than she did in IndyCar - an over-rated also-ran who just happens to be an attractive, marketable woman. If she wasn't photogenic, she'd long since have disappeared from the big time.

You underestimate just how much Rubens loves racing, and I think hed get a respectably salary off the sponsors to boot. Not F1 respectable, but respectable nonetheless.


I think Danica has more pride than to take a guaranteed spot in the Daytona 500, and that buying the guaranteed starting spot was driven by GoDaddy, who want two things; to make sure they can take advantage of their girl in biggest Nascar media event of the season and to take some pressure off her.

Danica will make the cut, they only bought insurance against a wreck. How many Indy drivers have A, led the 500, and B, won a race in the last 5 years.She is on the list.

I couldn't agree more. Let's just hope for the better.

Reported on Speed today: "Martin Locked Into 500 With Owner Points From FAS Lane Racing".

Anyone want to suggest to Mark Martin he's getting "pampered"?

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