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Perhaps it's me but American Broadcast info graphics are HUGE. On speed they take up aoslmt 20% of the real estate. Do they think we all have vision problems? with scrolling tickertape style list I can never tell where a favorite team or driver is relative to whole of the field. And do i need to see a Giant Picture of the driver covering half the screen? No offense to the drivers/spokes models I'd rather see you drive then imagine what the you look like in the car. If I need to see That's what interviews and the Michael Schummacher fashion awards are for. I blame the NFL and baseball where lulls in the action have to be filled with factoids scrolling whatnots and meaningless stats.I really want to know the Car team order not just the driver. I can read small print on the screen the f1 world feed is not in HD yet they can fit Postion,driver,team, time differential and 12 other names on the screen along with current lap and sometimes some G-meter/speedometer thingy and amazingly I can see the Fricking Race!Oh and another thing to you broadcasters in ACO sportscars it's the team that wins a race not the last driver in the car! That is like at the end of a baseball game only Listing the Last Pitcher and the last Batter as winning and loosing the game. +17Was this answer helpful?

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