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Indy Cars have never really recovered from the IRL, Champ Car split in the nineties and by the time they came to their senses and reunited the two series, the economy in the US was already in a downturn, hence, sponsorships had started to disappear or focus their revenue expenditures towards NASCAR. Combine that with the fact that most of the major oval tracks in the US on which the Indy Cars wish to add to their schedule, are controlled by a handful of organizations who, because of relatively poor attendance during the IRL years, are reluctant to promote any of their races, hence, the current inadequate schedule dilemma.

Realistically, in the last several years, if it wasn't for the revenue generated by the Indianapolis 500, open-wheel racing of the "Indy Car" design, would be in significant peril.

The only way that Savoree and Green would take over Baltimore is if they can offload all the risk and work for a guaranteed managemetn fee, like they did with their sweetheart deals in Toronto (government guarantees and grants) and Mid-Ohio (essentially a fully-funded Honda of America employee picnic). Given that the Baltimore city fathers have already been stung by last year's financial debacle, and with no corporations stepping up for its inaugural running, a Savoree-Green Baltimore Grand Prix is pretty much a pipe dream.

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