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I'm sure the diehards, like me, who have followed motorsports since the 1950s, will still call it Mosport. At least it's not as dumb as calling a place that's a good hour and a half drive from Toronto "Toronto Motorsports Park".

It puzzles me why they wouldn't keep Mosport as part of the name, as in Canadian Tire Mosport Park, but I guess they have their reasons. As far as I'm concerned, they can call it whatever they want, but it will always be Mosport to me -- unless they pay me to use the corporate name.

At the risk of criticizing Ron and his fellow investors, it will always be known as Mosport as long as any of who can read this today are still alive.

No matter how many times Crappy Tire wants us to say it, we will always call it Mosport, just like Sonoma is always Sears Point and Laguna Seca is Laguna Seca. Corporate crap.

I'm still calling it Mosport. How many people call Mazda leguna seca?

It will always be Mosport to me. The good thing about the name change is I'll be able to use my drawer full of Canadian Tire money to buy McMosports......wait........NO McMosports? :-)

Great news....call in anything you want to keep the old girl hosting races.

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