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Hi Norris,

Couldn't stay awake past 11 (age and having to get up at 6 AM), but enjoyed what I did see. I was amazed at the numbers in the main grandstands - was every seat filled? On a 2.5 mile track, what are the odds that a race car will go out of control and hit a safety truck that is taking up approx 3/1000's of the outside wall space??


"the speedway surface so badly damaged", what race track were you at? There was hardly any damage to the track. The majority of the 2 hours was spent on cleanup. There were a couple of gouges in the track from the wheel of the jet dryer dragging over the surface, but that was it. They put down a sealer as a precaution but that was it. The track was in good shape all things considered and had no effect on the remainder of the race.

, the last 10 races of the year have lost all meaning to me. You come out of Richmond in fall with a drevir that has done really well all year (and it has been Jimmie Johnson before). But some years, out of 5th or 6th place, here comes Jimmie Johnson who overtakes all the leaders accomplishments of 26 races and runs them over in 10. It's like watching the Yankees in the late 90 s beat everyone in the world series, over and over again. NASCAR needs to make it competitive again so there are actually chances of someone else winning the chase for a change

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