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The world could not stand 2 Danica's. The media would have insufficient room to gush about 2 of them. The hyperbole and BS count would rise to proportions so high that a mass suicide of innocent people who have been inundated with the Danica-hype would surely result. No, keep your name Sarah. Yes, media, stop hyping the simply average Danica.

"She is forceful, cooperative, cheerful, optimistic, happy, pretty, jovial, ambitious, intense and focused. She never takes her eye off the ball, regardless of the situation or circumstance. She is all business, all the time."

I think that describes Sarah Fischer too. And I am as perplexed as you are.I'd say she must have ticked of somebody. But in any case, shes better off to take the Honda and just run Indy. Win the damn thing, and then go home for the rest of the season, since Team Gannassi is going to win most of the other races, and most people don't really care about the rest of the season anyway.

This is really unfortunate. I always felt Sarah was a much better driver than Danica, but didn't have the sex appeal (Sarah is an attractive woman, but didn't use her looks as a marketing tool). If Sarah had driven some of the cars Danica has, I believe there would have been more than a single gas mileage victory.

Sarah never even made a pitch for Leaders Circle money this year. SFHR did not choose to pony up the $60k fee that IndyCar charged each team that wanted to make a presentation to compete for the remaining two available slots.

Bryan Herta Autosports has an engine and never participated full-time, and neither Dragon nor Rahal Letterman Lanigan ran full-time last year...and both of those teams have two engine leases in place.

It's "Dallara", not "Dalarra".

And Danica certainly was not always happy, cheerful, and jovial. Ask Milka Duno about that...or anybody who's spent a weekend in the IndyCar paddock.

Had Sarah Fisher ever been given a shot at a drive with one of the big 3 Indy teams I'm sure she could have won a race, Had she ever done a swimsuit spread for SI,she probably would have gotten one of those drives.

Sarah however is a driver with integrity who doesn't go around blaming everyone but herself for any on track incident. I'd say Danica could still learn much from Sarah.

Well, both girls have their own identity and careers in and out of the track, and I think Sarah wouldn't try to be like Danica just so her subsidy application would be accepted. Also, she and her team are ready to perform this season so there's nothing to bother about. All there is left to do is lower the visor, grip the steering wheel, and get ready for the green light!

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