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John Bird did not drive rally cars. He was a navigator.

That's Dennis Johnson & I in the '62 Shell 4000.
Less Rice

Noris, I sent you an email last Thursday in regards to the red #96. Did you get it or do you have me on perma-block because I don't like IndyCar?

The prints Paul Madder wishes to get information on were a membership benefit of the British Petroleum Racing Drivers Club initiated in early 1963. The Canada Track & Traffic April 1963 issue has one of the prints on the cover. BP RDC announced: “… set of four exciting colour paintings depicting race and rally scenes on familiar Canadian road and race tracks. These prints, especially prepared for BP, are 16" x 18" in size, an ideal size to hang in your recreation room.” The Table of Contents states … “Artist Fred Oakley has superbly captured the feeling of the Canadian Winter Rally as he pictures a competitor speeding through the winter whiteness. The painting is one of a series done for BP RDC, available to members.”

I believe the artist is the same one that received the CAPIC 2002 Lifetime Achievement Awards for photography and illustration. [http://oscarcahen.com/external/capic_awards.html ] According to the note, he resides in Owen Sound. Also, a brief biography is provided.

I hope this helps.

--Scott Morris, Simcoe, Ontario -Keep Smiling, Murphy Lives

Good find, Scott. A Fred Oakley of Owen Sound, ON (and I believe likely THE Fred Oakley in question) unfortunately died on November 5th, 2005.
Source: http://yourlifemoments.ca/sitepages/memoriam.asp?oId=550533

Here's a link to an image of another of his works, a hockey scene that was part of something called "The Prudential Collection", link: http://imgc.classistatic.com/cps/kjc/111108/704r1/05052cm_20.jpeg

Also, Norris, you still have not acknowledged either of my 2 emails, or my previous post here in regards to the red #96. Have you passed on the info I provided to Paul Madden?

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