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It looked as if Button had set-up his car for the race, but Hamilton set-up his car for qualifying (in the sense that Button's car was set up to handle a full tank of fuel). Hamilton didn't look like he put a wheel wrong, but the rear of his car was more loose than Vettel or Button. It also didn't appear that Hamilton was wearing out his tires any faster than Button, which was confirmed by Gary Anderson post-race. Hamilton just needs to think more about what car he wants to drive for 58 laps, not just 1 lap. He's still a better "racer" than Button; however Button is proving to be the better "driver".

Hamilton needs to improve his disposition after races he doesn't win, although I do recall Button having a similar attitude at that age, and maturing once he was around Barrichello (and once he turned 30). Maybe Hamilton will be a better driver 5 years from now than he was 5 years ago - as long as he listens to those around him. Also, maybe Hamilton needs a change of teams to improve his outlook; he's been with McLaren a long time.

Great to have Kimi back, if only for the funny one-liners ("why are they showing me blue flags?")!

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