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Saying "Formerly Mosport" makes me so sad!
How could they do this!?
The new logo is terrible in-your-face design for a store logo, not a worthy logo for a unique racetrack with an iconic name that has been just thrown away out of corporate greed and inconsideration!

It would have been a whole lot better for CT to call it "Canadian Tire Mosport Park". Mosport will always be Mosport for me, the same as the Skydome will always be the Skydome. Don't even mention "Toronto" Motorsports Park to me!

not really about the money. of course, passion is important. without it, no one would race. it's kinda dangerous as well, not to mention expensive

Hey Scott,It was great meeting you today while waitnig for Danica. Did you get the Port-a-John shot? .LOL (You had to be there.) I didn't get much of Danica today. The conditions weren't very good. I posted the only two good shots on my Blog. They changed some of the fencing and made it tougher for the non-credentialed. I've got to get credentials for next year!!Great meeting you,Rick

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