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Great news for Wickens.....now he should identify where in Canada he is from to increase his Canadian fan base.

Some guy named Dario also raced a Mercedes in the DTM. From what I hear, he turned out okay.

Fantastic!! Now, if someone would only show the races,
( Hello! TSN!), this year.
It's tough following Canada's "best" international racing ambassador, when we have to wait, until well after the season's over, to catch hilites on american TV.

Now that there are two Canadians in the DTM, how about a Canadian TV channel picking up the coverage?? Instead of waiting for Speed's off season shows, we should watch these guys on the same weekend or on delayed weekends.
This would be reality talent show at its best- he-he!!

I have seen Robert in live, and he is a short guy. The photo up with Schumacher reveals that Schumacher is even shorter!

I know Scott Maxwell of "Mini Grid" is and always has been a huge fan of Touring Cars, perhaps Mini Grid and Wheels could throw some sponsorship towards a TSN broadcast deal.
Hit up a few Mercedes Dealerships across Canada and Bob's your uncle ....that nobody talks about.

I know, I know, I'm a "Dreamin Man" (Neil Young)

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