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Group Lotus is broke. They've got something like £250 million in debt and with the recent sale of Proton they no longer have access to Malaysian government funding. So how are they going to come up with the money to buy a ride for Alesi?

Indy must be like Mt. Everest, in that it attracts the novice who thinks that they can climb it because so many others have (or at least died trying). 250 mph on a basically flat track? Scary stuff that demands respect.

Barry Thomas

Bahrain should be cancelled indeed, never should have been a question.
Damon Hill is a turncoat! (At least he came to his senses after the FIA fact-finding mission.)
Todt is not more than what you expect from the FIA president. Toothless, corrupted man.
TO say that F1 as a sport is above politics, is to defy reality.

The trouble is that McLaren is part-owned by the Bahraini prince and Ferrari by the Abu-Dhabi prince, so they have to "sleep in their bed".
Only honest guy is Bernie because he does not pretend to be someone else.

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