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Your reporting is so far off the mark as to be embarrassing. NJ cannot hold a race tomorrow and is unlikely to ever hold a race. Saying "the track is there" is ridiculous. Have you ever actually driven the proposed track? If you had you wouldn't be saying that all they have to do is pave the streets. There is no way that the proposed design comes anywhere close to being FIA compliant. And there's no place to put 100,000 fans (the promoter's claim) even if they could get them in (which they can't). If you're going to try to act like an "investigative reporter" I suggest that you start actually investigating, asking the right questions of the locals who would be seriously inconvenienced by this ridiculous proposal. The photos recently displayed on some blogs purporting to show F1 garages under construction in NJ are equally ridiculous. The construction is for an office building approved long ago. There is no zoning approval for use as an F1 garage and anyone who thinks that the promoter is going to be able to use something by claiming it's "temporary" better consult the NJ zoning statutes. Keep an eye out for the lawsuits on this one. They are not far away.

Surely you intended to say that F1 couldn't care less about Austin.

What's up with F1 anyway? Are they actually going to be successful in North America? Does anyone watch it anymore? Last time I saw F1 highlights it was from someplace in China - looked like the empty parking lot behind the Happy Fortune Cookie Co.
usually when Bernie is in the news he he's telling some town he's pulling their race - but now the US gets two?
I like auto-racing but F1 is very strange - like it all happens in a parallel universe.

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