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Normally I pay no heed to conspiracy theories, but they somehow seem less wacko in the case of F1. But I think you can rest assured that the NHL is not doing anything to handicap the Canadian teams...that league can't do anything right.

How many innovations - from Renault for example - got banned in recent years as deemed "movable aerodynamic device" (j-damper; brake damper; blown diffuser,etc.), none of them as blatant as this from Mercedes. At the same time, the FIA blesses the most blatant one, which is the DRS itself.

It did not matter how the Chevy engines got penalized at LB, the top five were all Chevy except one, including the victor. Honda must be scratching heads how they lose out on speed and fuel consumption.

Is there a more irrelevant series now than the ALMS? I mean, who is in it?

Never let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory....certainly not when the Mercedes has had front running pace in qualifying for all 3 races and have had 2 completely at odd tire issue first 2 races(Australia too hot, Malaysia too cold). Was it too hard to see that maybe this being a fully dry race that they happen to get their tire to work for the duration? I mean its unlikely, seeing most F1 teams just sit around and twiddle their thumbs between races...China also happens to have the longest straight in F1, which coupled with a car that apparently have been very fast in a straight line this season(with or without the double DRS), who knows......Force India's speed at low downforce circuit was known well in advance before they get to Spa that year. Not to also mention that the car was fast too at Monza the following race, another low downforce circuit...certainly different from Valencia that precedes it...Facts, who needs them...

Wow... where is your tinfoil hat? Do you think that Bernie got the qualifying timer rigged, or something? Crazy talk!

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