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They do, if theres anything on the track. If the marshals are clearing sometihing that is in the run off area - say a beached Mercedes, then the task can be safely performed under yellow flags. In which case, the race should continiue otherwise as normal.

The comparison you make is completely unfair - in Montreal, if the marshals are needed, due to the walls its often on track, and a safety car is called out. Which is why there are so many god damn saefty cars in the GP.

Waved yellows are there purely to tell them to slow down marshals are clearing an obstruction off track (dont create another one). Double waved yellows mean marshals on track. You never see them anymore because theyre replaced in F1 with what? Oh yeah - Safety cars.

Regarding Vettel speeding 'through' yellow flags, watching the race he was in front of Button and I saw his DRS flap snap shut under braking. Maybe he had passed Button under the local yellow, which is definitly not allowed under the rules.

I was surprised that they didn't bring out the safety car for the Senna/Schumacher incident. With all the debris on the track it must have been a pain for the marshals to clean up. In those cases, I wonder if Charlie Whiting goes with the opinion of a marshal supervisor or if he makes the judgement call on his own watching the video.

As for the drive through penalties for Massa and Vettel, they got it because they engaged the DRS while in a local caution zone; apparently a violation of the rules.

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