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IndyCar without a doubt has the most convoluted qualifying procedure on the planet. For example call up the event schedule which appears as a pdf. There are FIVE weeks of seven days each listed. Today during qualifying the 'Live Timing' looked like it was run by a five year old kid. I'm looking at the screen and Hinch is first. Five seconds later he is fifth then he's back on top. Then they do the 'Fast Nine' and Kanaan is in it even though he was shown as 12th in the 'final' tally. Then all of a sudden they show 31 cars and then back to 9, 2 or 3 of which didn't appear to have made an attempt. What's up with that?
BTW - I felt so sorry for Clauson and Sarah.

I am making this prediction right now ,one week from today James Hinchcliff will be drinking milk in victory circle!What a incredible thing he did after qualifying for The Indy 500,by saying that Greg Moore was along for the ride via having Moore's driving gloves inside his firesuit.To me that was a very classy tribute to Greg whom I personally admired.So in ''The Greatest Spectacle In Racing''I say ,"Go get em Hinch"

When JPM debuted in 2001 there was so much hype sruuornding him. He was touted as the next Ayrton Senna but during the course of his career he hasn't lived up to expectations. Compare his results with that of Kimi and Alonso who debuted in the same year, Montoya just falls short. He has on many occasions committed rookie mistakes – spinning on the warm up lap, getting a black flag and even taking his teammate out. There have been many teams who have said that they will not take him. He doesn’t have a ride with a top team for 2007. So I guess he has decided to get out of F1 before F1 forces him out. Maybe he figured he has a bigger chance of making it in NASCAR.

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