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If there is a suggestion to change the course - run it in the opposite direction.

Adds a new dimension - still keeps the speed and gives it a new look quite simply.

Have gone to lots of old CART and Champ races in the past. Fan of PT too. But getting Tracy for one race sure smells of desperation. Followed his trials and tribulations of getting a ride all winter and it's too bad he didn't get signed one. But being positioned like a circus side show in a clapped out car with a gerry rigged crew is no way for PT to go out. No wonder no one follows this mickey mouse group. 100% joke.

Another Canadian driver would be a great idea. How about a
younger proven talent from the Toronto area?

Tracy is the "beast from the east". Put that visor down and everyone may as well run for second place. He's done an awful lot for Cart and champ cars. He had his moments, but man can he drive. Too bad Bell, Canada Post, or some of the other big companies didn't pony up the funds to get really good publicity and give him a team and car that would make people gasp every weekend he got behind the wheel. Incredible waste of talent, but he definately gave me memories from his days with Penske, Cool, and Forsythe..

Canada wake up ! Maybe next year !!! Lets give him that one last year to allow him time to practice hard, test , and train his crew and yoiu'll have a Canadian go out in style and a Champion ! Count on it. Paul can drive as good if not better than any of those in indycar now...do the right thing...please. Allow Canada to support him all the way and show our friends in the US that we have raw talent they wish they could duplicate. Don't get me wrong, the US is our friends and neigbours, but when it comes to wheel to wheel racing.. PT is the man without question..

So long Paul, gone but not forgotten...You were the best !

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