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Norris, thank you for the replay. Brought the mist to my old, tired eyes. Gilles was my racing hero, still is.

Was, and always will be The Man.

Thirty years, and it still hurts. Thanks, Norris. No more words needed.

Like you, Norris, and I wager most of your readership, I am/was a huge fan of the great Gilles Villeneuve. And had I been a resident of that French village thirty years ago I would have gladly been one of those applauding his nightly arrivals. But also, like you and many of your readers, I despise the antics of, for example, the Busch brothers. What if Kyle Busch was seen bombing around on public roads in his sponsor's exotic street car? Oh wait, he was, exactly one year ago this month and he was pretty much universally vilified for it and had to pay a speeding fine (128 mph in a 45 mph zone) and apologise to all and sundry. And there were plenty of armchair commentators asking for his head on a platter. Why is it that we feel admiration when Villeneuve does it in France but we get angry when Busch does the exact same thing in today's USA? Aren't we being a little bit hypocritical here? How is it that in your mind the Busch brothers are irresponsible hooligans when we practically worship Villeneuve? I'm just asking.

Ahh! The romance of street racing....30 years ago was a different time. The quest for ultimate safety is quenching automotive passion, but I guess it saves lives. Get use to it, Ontario has vowed to have the safest roads in the world. Soon we will all be driving silent electric cars with automatic guidance systems.

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