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We, at the consumer end of the media pipline, just don't know the full story and about Baranard's competence in some issues. Hard to say whether this revolt is justified or not. From Barnard's perspective obviously it is not, so he might use his powers if he decides to react to the motion or if he wants to stoke the fire to make it bigger in the media. (Would not that be fun to watch?)
A CEO always encounter such things. That's why he gets the big bucks, well understanding that his tenure is finite.

Not knowing which owners it is that Bernard is facing, it's hard to comment for sure, but IRL can't really afford to lose any teams. No one is going to watch 12 cars race. The owners have Bernard over a barrel, and they know it.

NASCAR, on the other hand, could kick out every single owner, and have 30 new teams lined up the next weekend.

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