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Re Villeneuve - unfortunately Jacques is becoming a "last lap" bore and almost seems to be guaranteed to make a stupid/rash move because he is not running for points and it's not his car. Please get rid of him!
Re Ecclestone - Lee diffey said it best on Wind Tunnel, he is an 82 year man sounding like an 82 year old man. This does a dis-service to any intelligent senior, but he is like an angry old gnome.


Villeneuve was a jerk while climbing the racing ladder and he continues to display the same
personality as he makes his way to the bottom. You reap what you sow.

Jacques was one of my heroes growing up. Now he's just sad. What's this, his fourth straight road course race where he's been "fast-but-hurts-his-car" and then spends the second half of the race wrecking the whole field to get back to the front? It's getting old. I really hope Penske drops him just to teach him some humility.

Danica had a career day at Road America, spun or not. She was in the top 5 the whole race, led briefly, and spent the last 10 laps trading paint and positions with Mad Max, back and forth, exciting racing. She proved herself, as far as I'm concerned. JV had to go ruin it unfortunately.

I bet if this was anybody other then Danica, we would hear nothing of it.

She had her chance to take off with the front runners and not get involved, but she didn't, and she got punted off

What do you want Norris, dress wearing kissy faced drivers that just drive around like its the 1950's?

If you actually had ever been a racer, you go for a gap, any gap at any time, or you are not a racer, just a driver.

This is the first time I have learned about this and I have to agree with you with the standing of Villeneuve.I'll keep visiting for more of your updates.

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