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– Marshals and corner works are out on the track pushing Vettel’s car out of the way and some dimwit flagger is waving a green flag. How does that happen?

This has sometimes confused me, a retired marshal. Was the green flag waved upstream or downstream from the incident? If downstream then it makes sense. If upstream then definitely a mistake. In my opinion, if there are track workers of any description out on the track removing something bigger than a part of a wing there should be a full course yellow. Too great a price to pay for a ham sandwich...no beer when I marshalled :-(

Have to disagree with you on the Maldonado-Hamilton incident. Hamilton has the right to take the racing line and defend - there was no need for Maldonado to attempt the pass into the corner and he got caught out. Maldonado didn't have to get back on the track right at the moment Hamilton was rounding the second corner of the chicane; he could have used the left pedal and braked a bit to end up behind Hamilton. If Maldonado had properly bailed out of the passing attempt and had a bit of patience, he would have easily passed Hamilton later in the lap (near the final corners) as Hamilton's tires were clearly gone. Raikkonen did it right a bit earlier when he passed Hamilton, which was a good, safe battle.

I also think that Maldonado's recent history caught up with him. His petulant, and dangerous, actions in Monaco when he clipped Perez over perceived blocking on the track shows him to have a certain level of arrogance and entitlement that exceeds his ability. One win does not make a world champion.

Agree with you on the Vettel reirement; I had to rewind the PVR to confirm that the marshal was waving the "green" flag as they were pushing his car off the track. Unbelievable! If a pass was made in that area while the flag was waving green, would that be okay with Charlie Whiting, despite the presence of marshals on the track?

1. Villeneuve is arrogant, frequently an arrogant a.....e.
2. the nationwide was rough, as usual.
3. problem was big-time punt of Jacques with about 20 to go by Michael McBride -far bigger than anything Jacques did, dropping him 5th(?) to 22nd, & bringing out the red mist.
4. I am more concerned about Elliot Sadler -fighting for points lead, than poor Danica.
5. In contrast, there's Fellows & Max Papis who will trade paint, but only if unavoidable & without wrecking you. Credit to the sport.
6. Really nice job by Piquet & Fellows.

Unless Shumi brings in a HUGE sponsor for 2013, he will be toast.

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