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I am in full agreement with you Norris. Sunday's race at Belle Isle was a disgrace. I will put this in perspective as there are for more important things than a car race but as a race fan and someone who has been to many Belle Isle races in the past and one who worked in the city of Detroit proper as well as the suburbs sadly none of this comes as a surprise.

Detroit has no business putting on a race. The city is bankrupt for all intents and purposes and while they certainly are making an effort to show the rest of the planet they are not down and out, unfortunately so many people in that area do things half-assed and the track conditions didn't come as a surprise to me. If anything, organizers are lucky it wasn't warmer or the track would have broken up even earlier. I get that Penske is certainly doing his part to get Detroit re-established but the irony is he's the one having to do the leading and motivating Detroit officials, its not the other way round.

While F1 is ultra-arrogant and Bernie Ecclestone has a reputation of rule bending a mile long, he does establish as a promoter, first class track standards and conditions.
ie: one constant track material surface - not 5 different ones like you find in Detroit!

As Norris points out with the past Massa incident, one chunk of flying concrete and a driver could be seriously injured and/or killed. Just what IndyCar needs again. Get it together guys.

Roger Penske - one main promoting figure - has let his reputation fall over this pavement fiasco. He and the Indycar stewards settled for a piss-poor quality race track that was already famous for breaking up. Everybody knows that the city of Detroit is not holding road maintenance in priority. Why Indycar went there without assurance and due diligence, begs for an answer.
Where is the CEO now?

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