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I'm undecided at the momnet I think it was probably a wise decision to leave F1, and I completely understand that. But then I don't understand the move to NASCAR, of all series he could have gone to! It's so different from F1 um, in the most basic of terms, the cars have roofs! I find this strange, having been brought up watching F1! But, in more complex terms than that, I guess it's a new challenge, something entirely different and as far removed from the F1 world as possible!I also think it might have a little do with the fact Montoya wouldn't have ended up with a great race seat for next season had he stayed in F1, but I think there's probably more behind it than that, as if he had really wanted to stay, he could have managed a seat at Red Bull or Williams, perhaps even Renault if he'd gone and grovelled for it before Fisico got the seat!As for who's going to get JPM's McLaren seat next season it's probably going to be either Gary Paffett or Lewis Hamilton, probably the latter. But you never know, there could be some surprises! Hopefully so, although quite who I'd like to see there alongside Alonso I'm not sure!Going back to the original question, I think Montoya's probably better off leaving F1 than staying put, as the politics and generic races are probably getting a little tedious for him. He's also not been given much of a chance at McLaren before he was shelved as their number #2 and took a bit of a backseat to Kimi. So yes, I think from his point of view, the best thing he could do in the situation was probably to leave F1, as he's not really going to have a chance to win anything major in it from here on out. However, I'm not sure I think it was a great idea to go to NASCAR; I think he should have gone back to Indycar for a full season at least first!I'll miss him though, F1 needs more outlandish characters like him, even if he was a tad out of order and arrogant at times!Edit: To say sorry about how long that was. Oops. I know I've made it even longer by adding this edit, so I'll be quiet now!

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