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Have you even watch NASCAR this season? What a hater.

You also have to look at the facility when wondering why the stock car numbers dwindled this past weekend, at Mosport. Some teams recognise the track for what it is. It's too rough, not fan friendly, and not acceptable to showcase for sponsors. It really needs to be bulldozed.
For all the improvements next door, this place really is the outhouse portion of the complex.

Just for the record! Junior has NOT had the same crew chief for four years! The first three were NOT doing the job! So last year he was given LeTarte and made the chase (even led the point for a few weeks) He is NOT a fluke. Two Championships in Busch, 19 BIG races, One of THE BEST plate drivers outthere. What have you ever one? Ask Kyle Petty if 4 or 5 or 6 or 10 years running every race can make you win?, Or Jeff Burton? These guys HAVE won in the past but it does not translate just because you show up, you have to be on your game and that's exactly where Junior is at. Way to go Junior professionally and personally........ always improving. God Bless Junior. Fluke? This artice was a fluke.

Jr. will never win in the court of public opinion. When he wins, he should've won more or it was "fixed." When he loses, he's overrated.

Watching haters try to discredit yesterday's win is almost as fun as watching him dominate the race.

The idea that you think some average guy could hit .200 and a dozen homeruns against MLB pitching shows that you have no business commenting on sports in general.

Nascar is a dying sport. The media, drivers, workers all know it. Earnhardt winning one race every four years may just keep 'em afloat.

A win, 6 top fives and 12 top-10 in 15 races this year. No races outside the top-20 this year, has led 218 laps and has completed every lap of every race this year. This guy's whole beef seems to be with the Speed bubbas reaction, and his apparent dislike of Junyer. I'll concede though, that Derrick Cope winning the Daytona 500 was a fluke.

Sour grapes Mr. McDonald? Great job Junior...keep the "big Mo" rolling!

Have you even been watching NASCAR for the past 4 years?? Two words -Lance McGrew. Once Tony Jr was let go it all went to hell in 09/10. I listened to every race on the scanner and McGrew couldn't or wouldn't adjust the car and ignored Jr's feedback but then blamed him for not communicating properly, if Lance couldn't understand Jr he should have said so instead of saying "we'll fix you up Bud" and then adjusted whatever he wanted or did nothing at all. Which he also said to Mark Martin and funny, Mark didn't win with McGrew as a CC either. Mark went from winning races and making the chase with Alan Gustafson to finishing 22nd in points with McGrew. And where is McGrew working now the K&N Series - what a CC! Now when Steve became CC Jr made the chase and had a shot at winning 7 different races. Steve listened to Jr and adjusted the car to Jr's liking and now the 88 team is second in points Maybe you should check your facts before running off at the mouth. BTW where is your story on Jeff Burton not winning and Carl Edwards only wining once in the last 2 seasons or Harvick not wining one yet this year? Oh that's right only Dale Earnhardt Jr gets the readers might as well stir the pot while you can.

While the non-haters are celebrating Junior's win, they need to know that the series is heading to Sonoma this weekend.
Like it or not, road-course racing, especially at Sonoma, has always been Junior's kryptonite.
In 13 career starts in Northern California, Junior has ZERO top 10s. His best finish is 11th (twice), and he was 41st last year.
Time to start counting a new losing streak.

Why didn't Kyle Busch win very much when he drove for HMS? His major wins didn't come until he went to JGR where he won multiple times every year. So there's a question you can ask, how come a driver like Kyle Busch couldn't get it done at HMS but can at JGR?

Interesting. You're saying he can't drive. I say look at his restrictor plate race record, Martinsville. I view those 3 tracks as the hardest on the circuit. And Jr exceeds at all 3. His issues haven't been talent related. they have been confidence issues. It's been in his head. There is no fluke. If you put some thought into it, you would have come up w/ a completely different conclusion. the fact that you want to discredit what he accomplished yesterday says you have it out for him. Nothing he can do will change your opinion, which, in my view, destroys your credibility

Jr has had some good finishes as a Hendrick driver but just doesn't seem to be a "closer". Kudos to him for bringing in a win but Lord knows he should have had many more given the equipment and team. I attended the Southern 500 this year and let me tell you the fans just love Jr.

Oh boy Norris dumping on Jr. yer gonna git it now...lol

I agree with I luv chicken. That was a great race yesterday. Junior had the best car leading almost 1/2 the race. He is doing so much better this year personally and professionally. That crew chief swap was what he needed. Lance and Tony Jr could not do what Steve has done with Jr and the entire 88 team. That car has run the best it ever has since that team was the 25 running Jerry Nadeau. This win was not a fluke especially with how theyve been running this year. Sonoma this week hasn't been his best track but neither has pocono and look what he did there. So hopefully they can find the success they need this week and bring home another top 5 if not a victory.

Of couese it was, Jr. got to keep the original tires Crapyear brought.

The thing about it is having the right crew chief. Sure, you can be a good driver, pit crew, have great equipment but you got to have a good crew chief. Look at Dale Jarrett, he only had one crew chief that he could win with-Todd Parrot. Look at Jeff Gordon. Sure, Jeff has had some success but nothing like he had with Everham. And, take Jimmy Johnson. If Chad Knaus left do you think he would be near as successful as he has been? I have serious doubts. But again, I see what you are saying about equipment and all but bottom line is you have to have a crew and crew chief who you have chemistry with and can communicate with. And, that seems to be working for Jr. and I believe he will wins some more races. And another thing, you doubters and Jr. Haters, go check the all time win records of Nascar Drivers. A lot of "name" drivers don't have 19 cup wins, two nationwide championships, A Daytona 500 win, an all star race win, etc. Check it out. I know a lot of people say hes not his daddy and doesn't have his daddy's talent but again how many drivers in the field have his daddy's talent either. I certainly never expected Jr. to be his daddy and win nearly eighty races and seven championships but Jr. is still a good driver or else he wouldn't have the resume he has. Again, check the records and you will see Jr. has a pretty good resume already and unless he gets injured or something he will win some more races.

Did this guy really mention monkeys with typewriters in this article?.....Or did I just dream that?

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