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What's with IMSA/ALMS? Do they think this is kindergarten? Everyone is a winner, there are no losers? Yay! 28 drivers on the podium at the Mosport ALMS race? Five classes? Three classes each in IMSA Lites and the Porsche GT3 Cup? What a joke. Time to consolidate the classes and make the shows less confusing and more fan friendly.

Small correction: Elvis is a TWO time Olympic silver medalist, but he is a three-time World Champion.

Elvis Stojko to race cars...wow he's had his 15 min of fame and now he wants to go back for more! This is one fan of figure skating who won't be watching a race he's in...I didn't like him when he was in figure skating, his rampent ego and lack of any real showmanship made watching him skate a cure for insomnia. His mixing of martial arts moves with figure skating proved one very real thing, the two don't mix!! Elvis doing the world a favour, go back to living in obscurity.

Figure skating and car racing are like the North Pole and South Pole of sports—there’s simply no converging point. But it’d be exciting to watch Stojko get his hands on the wheels. We’ll see how he’ll fare. Thanks for sharing this post.

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