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The economic footprint of the Toronto Indy today is about a quarter of what used to be in the heady Molson years. $50 million is simply not a believable figure. I do not understand why the politicians refer and go by that figure every year and believe in it any more.
The only serious sponsorship I saw was from Dr. Pepper and Honda. Everybody else left.
Corner 8 displayed Mid-Ohio event banners: simply self promoting happening on the series own expense. Not healthy.
The cars need at least 200 more HP to become respectably serious to call them the top class of professional racing. Look too funny, kind of smallish, like a Hot Wheels toy car. If they tell me this chassis costs 600,000 dollars, I say: "Get outta here"!

Another race in Canada and the desire for more ovals ... does anyone know what shape Sanair Super Speedway is in these days?

Sanair is junk.

Put them on Delaware Speedway, or Mosport's oval, given the choice.

Or have them run at Mosport itself, that'd be a blast.

More top Canadian drivers AND Mosport would help.

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