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To quote you

"Okay, why are most observers angry about this – including me?

Because this is the Sprint Cup. This is the top of the mountain. This is the Indy 500 and the world drivers’ championship and Pikes Peak and every great motor race in the world all rolled into one"

Are you kidding me and everyone else that has ever been to all forms of auto racing?

NASCAR is the laughing stock of any other form of racing, we all see through it, it enetertainment, and sadly this drug issue seems to be a bigger deal to some, then actual honest racing without made for TV drama.

The Hun GP showed that the cars do not make much of a difference any more. So close. They should open the rules for innovation. Whenever Red Bull tries something new they are asked not to be so innovative. This is not F1!

Since the British GP FOM has been doing a new interview protocol where a celebrity or journalist interviews the first three on the podium. It is a terrible idea with very poor outcome. So far actually Placido Domingo done the best interviews, Lauda in Germany could not come up with two decent sentences. Stewart in England was also awkward, too brief.
Since many if not most of the spectators in Hungary were actually not Hungarians, use of English was an obvious choice. It's made for TV anyways.

One of the most legendary drive car driver A.J. Foyt, four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, would like to put Chase Austin in the motorist's seat next year at the nation's largest racing function.Isn't it interesting? I believe it's a great oppurtunity.Such a good decision ofA.J. Foyt chooses Chase Austin to drive at Indy 500.

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