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Who cares any more about "penalties" in the ALMS! It was a desperate manufactured excitement, both calling Dyson "jumping the start" and "failing the stall test" for the Porsche.
Same for the podium celebrations involving 30 drivers.
The fact is there were only 16 cars showed up that could have entered the 24 hrs of Le Mans race.
The ELMS last week officially folded because they could only come up with 15 cars or so.
The 'bastard' classes (LMPC and Porsche GT Challenge) onyl came with 6 and 4 cars respectively.
So, where is the future going?

Not only the Lotus Indy engine will not get delivered any more, but the Evora and all other Lotus deals are toast, I would not be surprised if the F1 Lotus team is toast as well. The company/brand exists on spculative funds.

Nothing in the off-the-course-passing dept will ever beat Earnhardt at Riverside.

No penalty either...........oh yeah, this is NASCAR.


Clearly, Alex Zanardi passed by cutting the corner on the INSIDE. I still don't understand how that was allowed. Vettel's pass was a bit different. He went wide, out into the runout area, ostensibly to give Button enough room. I don't think what he did was as "bad" as what Zanardi did, but I guess technically he broke the rules by having all 4 wheels over the line. That's one place where a gravel trap would be better than asphalt.

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