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She tested for Renault last year, and covered around 300 km, so it wasn't her first time in an F1 car. She has also raced in Superleague, which is comprised of cars with 750 hp engines, so she has driven high horsepower single-seaters.

She may not be talented, but it wasn't her first time in an F1 car or similar.

Didn't an un super licensed Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon drive F-1 cars in seat swaps?

Oh, but I guess thats OK since they race NASCAR and we all know that oval drivers are superior beings in your world.

Oh, Malcolm. I have to agree with Norris...Those two guys, Jeff and Tony have way more experience with Open and closed wheel, high horse power cars for many years :-)

Very unfortunate incident. Its all about the money. I can only guess how
much cash she was bringing to the table!

Any mechanic should be able to drive an F1 car in a straight line test.
They don't need a "driver" to do that.
More to do with her looks and her connections. It's a Russian-owned team, after all.

Er... I don't know if the test is FIA sanctioned, GD, but Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon's tests definitely weren't. As such they didn't require a super license.

Also, they've been racing 900 horsepower cars on tires with half the grip of an F1 tire, and 1/4 the downforce, for the last 15-20 years, winning 132 races and 7 championships between the two of them.

Oh, and they've won a combined 16 races on road courses. You know, with left and right turns.

Tony raced in Indycar, and races Sprint Cars, which have a greater power/weight ratio than an F1 cars... sideways... on dirt...

So yes, they have the experience and car control to drive an F1 car. Just like any of the truly talented stockcar drivers. Whether they're turning one direction or two is irrelevant. Just like all the stockcar drivers who used to demolish F1 drivers in IROC on road courses AND ovals.

Whether De Villota did is questionable.

Saturday night at Brockville, I saw a young woman (Tabatha Murphy, very attractive) win a highly competitive sportsman race. A few weeks back, I witnessed an attractive young lady (Amanda Connolly) win a Lucas Cup race at Delaware. These girls have worked hard, paid their dues, so to speak. Norris, your girl Danica is a fine racer and will eventually win a race. It's over. Female race drivers can be just as successful as males. Women are no longer an oppressed minority at the speedway. Stop with the 'Star Atkinson Priciples" approach to reporting and stick with the stuff you do well.

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