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You realize, of course, that by reproducing this picture, you too are in violation of the anti-smoking jihad. I say this as one who has never been a smoker and used to work in offices where almost everyone else smoked. I'm happy that the latter situation is gone, but agree with you that the anti-smoking campaign has long since gone over the top.

Actually, what it really means is that there's a government employee with too much time on their hands and a misunderstanding.

Our tax dollars at work!

what a waste of time and tax money that could be used to help families or else!
The Man ( Zahir) had a suit that he bought to help a charity and now he gets
his reward by being treated like the public enemy...Where is the world going?

As soon as I saw this incident last year, I had thought that the Ferrari owner gentleman wearing the Marlboro suit could be in trouble. The Targa organizers could have dealt with it then, but in the other hand as long as the suit's fire rating meets the event specifications, they ignored the logo.

The sad part is that the government bans cigi advertising but not the sale at the same time. The gov't position is not genuine. This is an unacceptable situation!

The biggest issue is that they want to go after historic machinery wearing tobacco livery and make them hidden from public or be destroyed.
It would be like denying the Holocaust ever having taken place.
Except that tobacco advertising itself never killed a single person!

Something I have trouble understanding...the various governments and racing groups ban tobacco advertising but allow alcohol advertising. So, it's not okay to associate tobacco and driving but it is okay to associate alcohol and driving? This is confusing...

This is a sign of very scary times! (I know the chances are remote) but in the beginning the rounding up of political enemies seemed bening as well when Hitler gave the order to send them to the camps.

These laws that are meant to protect us actually erode our freedoms; like freedom of speech.
If I happen to have an old Marlboro Tshirt and wear it to the tractor pulls at a farm exhibition then what? The police come and arrest me? No that would cost money to lock me up, much better to hand me a $10,000.00 dollar fine and let me prove my innocence on my own.

We need to be more vigilant with our elected officials and more vocal about our rights!
I'm not implying another holocaust but I don't like what I see too often with our rights quietly being done away with like innocent till proven guilty.
I truly hope that I'm over reacting but come on, do you think nobody foresaw where Hitler was going?

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