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To say that Smith deliberately took out Danica diminishes your suspect credibility.

You make it sound like NASCAR's future rides on Danica -- it does not. Everyone expects that women will be in NASCAR, the issue is who is the right one to start the ball rolling: Will it be the bikini-clad, current Indy castoff and still doed not know what a rocker-arm is for - Danica Patrick. Maybe the down-south girl, who has worked her way up through the rank - Johanna Long. Maybe a long-time in the shadows women, running her own stuff with her own money - Jennifer Jo Cobb. Or maybe just someone out of the blue.

Running Hendrick's cars, Hendrick engines and having the best the money can buy - if Danica does not win at least one race, that would be a true failure. The point is that there have been hundreds on individuals who have come and left NASCAR. Even the loss of Dale Earnhardt did not stop the sport. NASCAR is here to stay, so the best you can do as a driver is to hope to contribute to its legacy.

Norris, your focus on this racing side show is becoming all too predictable. Last week, Kyle Petty and Jim Spencer derisively referred to your girl as 'the chick' while working on the tube. Formula one Jacques gave her plenty of room at Montreal. Mosport Ron ran block (thanks Toby) for the girl at the same race. She's a competent race driver marketing herself as a 'hot babe' super fast race driver. She has the best equipment, coaching and crew available. Feminist discourse at York University will NOT include discussions featuring 'Danica' just as AARP won't cannonize Wild Willie Stutzman for racing a supermod at the age of 75. This weekend we saw lots of good racing with plenty of interesting story lines. She was not one of them! Enjoy the Classic!

The World Endurance Championship had a gap of over two months in their schedule after Le Mans and before Silverstone. They could use a race in Canada, assuming Ron Fellows and his billionaire co-owner Carlo Fidani would want it and could have the track formerly known as Mosport appropriately renovated and arrange the deal. The FIA WEC was at Mosport before, in 1984 and 1985 I believe. Rumours last year suggested Montreal was being considered before they renewed their contract to instead continue with the NNW/Grand-Am August weekend, and I think the track is only allowed two race weekends a year, with F1 being the other of course. I'm not sure if the 2.6 mile roval layout at the proposed Fort Erie complex would be suitable, if and when it gets built.
Porsche has said they are building an LMP1 car for 2014 to join Toyota and Audi in the top class.

So, the Baltimore Indycar race was not shown on TV at all!

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