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yea, but without an ACO connection in GT Corvette has said straight up they would probably leave as Team Corvette is a global brand.

I think you might be a little wrong. The details coming out on Speed say that the ALMS management will be merged into the Grand AM management.

This was the result of a perfect storm.
Don wanting to cash in on what he could and retire.
The much-lauded GT class in the ALMS is made up of manufacturers who wanted to move on. Corvette and BMW were all going away with their older products. There were no new C7 and BMW M3 or Z4 race cars coming along. Besides they and others were already competing in the Grand-Am.
There was nothing else the ALMS had superior to Grand Am.
The prototype manufacturers saw the ALMS irrelevance three years ago.

The ALMS suffered the same fate as other "Le Mans" series around the world.

The boss of ALMS Scott Atherton "The Boss" was an arrogant sob never accepting reality. This is his crowning failure and validation of his ineptitude.

I can only hope GT stays just the way it is, and prototype racing stays the way of Grand-Am: twice as exciting to watch.

ALMS management on the Board for the interim. Next year they are going to resign.
Has to happen. Atherton is an obsolesence.

Yes Doug, but at the same time GM has put a lot of effort/money into the Corvette DP program... Which in theory should still remain. So what's the big deal if the factory Corvette GT goes away? If there's one thing we won't have a shortage of with this merger, it's competitive GT teams!

All the time the "turtle cars" are the fastest thing on the track people will stay away in droves.
I think I'm right in saying the fastest car at Daytona was a Porsche 908 in the vintage race !

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