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Why do you want to dumb EVEYTHING down.......this is not childrens soccer

If Power can't do well on ovals, he should step up his game and learn to be better...its really that simple

We need to stop changing everything for the pathetic folks that can't cut it at racing.

This idea is as stupid as the chase in NASCAR

First off, I thought overall the Indycar season was very refreshing and I enjoyed it; mostly because that whiner Franchitti wasn't winning everything in site while knocking people off the track. Any season where Penske and Ganassi don't win everything in sight is great in my books. And what a great race to finish off the season!

As for your idea of separate drivers for separate championships, it's an interesting thought, but I see two problems:

#1 - The champions of their respective divisions will never, ever be taken seriously as a whole. What you're basically saying is "I'm an Indycar "world" champion who can't cut it on (either) ovals or road courses." You'd look like a twit.

#2 - Sponsors, and a lot of fans too, probably wouldn't like missing out on their preferred driver for roughly half a season. It's not a big deal in NASCAR because there's only two or three road course races a season.

Guys like Will Power just need to suck it up. This has nothing to do with fear--unsafe oval racing in Indycar is a product of the track choice, not the fact that it IS an oval (Milwaukee, Iowa, all great and relatively safe venues for Indy... Texas and Las Vegas? Not so much.) Will Power is just another in a long line of open wheel road racers who don't have the skills necessary to be on the ragged edge around an oval for 500 miles. Which is why he'll always come up short in Indycar. He needs to go race in F1.

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