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He said he talked to Robin Miller about the Almendinger situation. That means Miller told him those facts about the Penske IndyCar ride. McReynolds is a NASCAR analyst, which means he got his information from Miller. He was just reporting facts he got from someone whose main focus is on IndyCar.

I do know first hand that Ryan Hunter-Rey turned down an offer from Penske out of loyalty to Michael Andretti for restarting his career when nobody else would and therefore resigned with him. Not sure if there's a second driver that also turned him down. Very well could be that Penske made an offer to a driver already committed to another program. So I don't think McReynolds comments are all that far off. Personally I think he's more off about the Earnhardt comments than anything. When Danica first came to the Nationwide series, she hovered mostly in the 10th to 15th position on the race track. When the car was available, they DID put several cup drivers in the car that season and if you really watched closely, most of the those cup drivers, including Kasey Kahne, ran....guess where, in the 10th to 15th position most of the races. Given the cup drivers are far more experienced and much better than Danica on restarts and one race where Kahne was running mid-pack, had several late race cautions. His excellent restart skills combined with a lot of attrition late, led to a top 6 finish. Bottom line though, yes she stuggles on the restarts, but once she finds her groove, she runs very competitively. I was wathching lap times on Raceview in the last cup race and when she was about to go a second lap down, it took several laps to do so. She was consistently running with 1/10th to 2/10ths of the leaders times. I looked back at her prior race and Tony and Ryan Newman both sucked in that race too. Point is, Junior's team is not anywhere near being the best team on the track right now nor is Tony Stewart's team at several races. She is still somewhat inexperienced in Nationwide, but is honestly running within 5 positions of where a cup driver would run in the same car and has run within 10 positions of where a Cup driver would run in the Cup car. Once she gets more comfortable in a crowd on restarts, I honestly think she'll surprise an awful lot of people.

Ryan Hunter-Reay actually did turn the Captain down to stay at Andretti Autosport in the IICS. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/motor/story/2012/09/15/hunter-reay-turns-down-penske-bolsters-andretti-lineup/57783690/1

According to the report on Windtunnel, Ryan Hunter-Rea was offered a ride with Penske and he turned it down - resigned with Andretti Autosport.

i dont always agree with mcreynolds. he could not get earnhart sr. to go fast and they let him go two.maybe a lttle bad blood here too.

RHR turned down an offer to stay at Andretti Autosport. Simon Pagenaud also turned doen an offer to drive for Penske, due to being under contract still.


AJ was mediocre in his first two years running Champ car for a second-tier team. He was fired and immediately picked up by Forsyth and had a five race win streak that season. He left for NASCAR at the end of the season (2006).

He did poorly in NASCAR (all open-wheel drivers do for some reason) and we all know the most recent events.

One streak in one season doesn't make someone Tony Stewart. Open wheel has evolved faster than NASCAR in the six years he's been gone. There's no reason to believe he'll be competitive. For all we know, his crew chief was cheating and that's how he pulled off the streak.

Penske is faltering, but he's still among the top teams in Indycar. Anyone who would turn down his offer must already work for Ganassi or Andretti. There are much better choices to fill the empty seat and Penske would be making a mistake by picking AJ over a proven candidate.

But Roger has a lot of integrity. he's the type of guy that would give a man a break even when he knows it's not in his best interest. The guy has a two BILLION dollar net worth and probably has less than a decade left to enjoy it. So why not piss a little of it away in the spirit of fair play and positive public relations.

People have turned down Rick Hendrick too. Keselowski was supposed to replace Mark Martin, but didn't want to wait around and went off on his own. Mark then tried to get Matt Kenseth to replace him, but Matt wouldn't leave Roush at the time.

Did Allmendinger fail two tests or one? I know he was tested and came back positive, and that the second sample taken at the time of the first was retested and that also failed. To me, that is failing one drug test, not two.

You are correct Michael. He only failed once. His A & B samples (taken from the same pee cup and split into two containers) were tested separately and both failed. But only failed on a single occasion.

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