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It's staggering that this mental deterioration has set on in just a matter of weeks, considering he has made a pole, podium and fastest lap this season.

Michael has always been extremely aggressive behind the wheel and attacks constantly. Accidents happen to drivers at any age. Michael will still be good enough to have a super licence when he is 50 years old. He should retire when he wishes, not when critics and journalists say so.

Hi, I think your blog is rather poorly written. There's little insight,(or none of that), serious deficits in logic, written with incompetent structure and language application, yet it makes google news. I am not sure if it is because the motorsport writers are generally this low like you or is it a coincidence. I suggest that you may quit writting the blogs and look for some other opportunities. I am sure even if you are really bad at doing something(such as writting motorsports related blogs), it doesn't mean you can't do something outstanding elsewhere. :)

Posts that are full of unsubstantiated allegations are wonderful, aren't they? There's nothing quite like reading through comments that do nothing but confirm the foolishness of their authors. There's a simple lesson to be learned from such ill-advised missives: best to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and erase all doubt. If you don't like the blog, don't read it. No one cares about what 'you' don't like. Be gone- please.

So you think that old bad drivers just go race sportscars cause its easy? Thats what you think Schu is.

Stick to writing about your redneck oval racers that race at local tracks, and leave the big leagues to the young guys, that haven't spent all their life feeding at the media room buffett.

I'm not quite certain what a blog is but I am tickled pink that Canada's largest daily has seen fit to employ you as its motorsports writer/editor. Continue the fine 'blogging' from area ovals and circuits and feel free to toss in old Oswego supermodified/C.N.E./Pinecrest/Mosport photos from time to time.

I think what Norris is saying is that Michael Schumacher, at age 43, is not the same driver he was at 33. One podium finish plus 14 DNFs in a little less than three seasons- not to mention a pile of additional non-points results- support that contention. How many F1 drivers can unretire at 41 and still drive for a quality team as they enter their mid-40s? I would say none, except for Schumacher. His record speaks for itself, but the past three seasons have proven that even the very best get old, and when they get old their skills diminish. I don't know what's in Schumacher's heart, but most drivers of his caliber aren't content to stick around as field fillers, which is basically all Schumacher is at this stage of his career. As soon as they feel like they can't compete for wins and championships any longer, they retire or go drive something else- winning means that much to them. Besides, if you're not winning (or at least fighting for wins) you'll eventually lose your ride. I hope Mercedes will allow Schumacher to make a graceful exit when the time comes and not just dump him, but it's certainly not guaranteed. Mercedes, after all, did not employ Schumacher during the glory years- they're probably not sentimental. Whenever he decides to stop competing in F1 for good, I hope he continues to race something. Sports cars could be a good fit. It'd be great to see him compete at Le Mans.

@NCMag- What have you been smoking? Where can I get some?
Norris, Good to see you patroling the pits, at Kawartha, on the weekend.
Was a good race, with the correct result, and some spice added in for the journalists in attendance.

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