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What ever! It happens to every driver at times. Look at Hamilton, he has done just as much stupid stuff.

yet he has out qualified his team mate in the last 3 races

Most biased article ever. It was a brake failure and still the writer says it's not the car's fault. Stupid.

schumacher is the best ever driver and his age does not affect his race he still the best, this can happen with everybody so dont make from it a big deal .

Schumacher will run out next year to have the record of most start by any F1 driver, which is currently held by Rubens Barricello. Can't have Rubens beating Michael at anything...

"What happened was not the fault of the car."

How are you so sure about this? Have you seen the data from the car already? Maybe you should leave as a F1 commentator? Based on the above assumption that would be about a similar conclusion.

Yes, it is time that Schumacher retired. It was time mid-season 2011. What technical edge he held during his years as the F1 champion have passed him by. In the furture, when F1 fans and pundits examine Schumacher's statistics, they might come to the wrong conclusion, that he was a great champion. He was not! He had neither the intelligence of Alain Prost, the integrity of Juan Manuel Fangio nor the talent of Jimmy Clark.

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