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Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Let's hope "Ropin'" Randy lands on his feet. His one major flaw was that he had never seen/been around an Indy race, when he took the job.
If he had, I suspect that he never would have left the rodeo circuit.

Many people hate Tony George, but I know Tony wants the best for Indycar racing.
At least Bernard's firing cannot be blamed on Tony George, he was not a director on the board.
What is best for the Indy 500 should be primary concern to Indycar management.
If the Indy 500 is successful, only then can the Toronto Indy prosper. All the other races on the calendar. Without it - no way.

"Would NASCAR do this?" Sure, it's called Nationwide and Trucks. How often do they run any other on-track racing on Cup day?

Brian Stewart is right on the money!
The business model was broken from day one.

In follow-up to Paul - Yes, Nascar does race the Truck series & the Nationwide series as companion races for the Cup series races, but the attendance at those races is mostly very minimal compared to the big show on Sunday. Not sure what splitting up one Indycar race into two shows the same weekend will do to the crowd though.

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