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I feel like your article is missing the point! Do you really understand F1 / INDYCAR fans? We want to watch racing. Not hours-long displays of freight-train displays going around and around occassionally the bumper-car tactics causing a crash. I grew out of watching my slot cars going round and round for minutes on end, by the time I was 5. To me, NASCAR destroyed what I loved as a child. STOCK CAR racing was fun, entertaining, and competitive! First they took the stock out of the cars, then the competition with restrictor-plate, then COT. What makes open-wheel work is that while it is spec. racing, it is still difficult enough to setup these cars, it allows a great driver to compensate for a missed setup for each track. This measns the driver matters! There is no need to play politics to get help to more a car up the field! NASCAR is getting closer to finding a winning series in the new combined GT racing. They are either compeditive spec. racers, or compeditive souped-up production sports cars! NASCAR Better learn that their fans are getting bored with their track-based spec. series, which is over exposed with multiple weekly races. The closer they get to compeditive modified production car racing the less "fake" competition will be needed! Open-wheel fans are there for the truly compeditive spec. racing. They will always watch an interesting, compeditive series, withoutall the crippling hadicapping like restrictor plate, pack racing, team deal-making, and bumpercar passing! NASCAR will have to buy out open-wheel to beat it. Sorry!

Norris, I applaud your faith in Nascar not destroying sportscar racing in North America. I want to have the kind of faith you do that the ALMS and top quality international compliant sportscar racing won't be dead in NA after 2013, but until i see Nascar actually go the direction you are suggesting at the end of your post with that the 2014 Grand Am series becomes, it's going to be tough to have hope.

You have an awfil lot of faith in a group that are nothing more then con artists with their present day three ring circus style of operating.

When I see a true prototype class and a true GT class under the Grand-Sham banner, then I'll believe it, but these folks think they can fool people into making it a great close race with green-white-checkers....well F-1 could do the same thing, but chose to let destiny play out the way a real race plays out as much as possible.

A friend of mine spoke with Scott Atherton and he was candid about the over arching intentions of Nascar molding ALMS & Grand Am as a support series for Nascar and it will follow the current Grand Am ideals of low cost, low power & a well balanced field.
World class sportscar racing is dead in North America.
As Nascar wants it, the plan is to make Nascar the only racing in the states.

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