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I like the idea Tony George taking over.
Indycar must fend off NASCAR. NASCAR already controls everything else.
George, Penske, Ganassi have money, Bernard has nothing and is vulnerable.
This story just keeps on giving news all the time!

Adam. Seriously. Hasn't Tony George done enough damage to open wheel racing? And you want him back???

I am serious. George has not done the damage alone by himself. He was picked on by the public because it likes simplicity.
The trend in racing is that it, as a profitable business, is not sustainable, and failing. It goes back to its roots.
Therefore deep-pocketed benefactors are most welcome. Indycars needs not a CEO but a philantropist.
George is one such person.

It's amazing to me that just about any negative story about IndyCar- especially one as threadbare as this one, where even George essentially tells the writer the premise of his story is false- is swallowed whole by others in the media (and many so-called fans of the sport, sadly) and repeated over and over as gospel. And some wonder why the sport has a hard time attracting new promoters, sponsors and a larger television audience. Kinda hard to grow the sport when so many are constantly throwing dirt on it in the most careless fashion isn't it? Did anyone bother to consider that this story might have been leaked by Randy Bernard's enemies in order to steal his thunder from the 2013 schedule announcement? Of course not- the timing is merely coincidental to these people. Can't let a reasonable explanation get in the way of more negativity, now can we? Perish the thought.

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