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Norris, once again, you've hit the nail on the head.This was great Monday morning water cooler stuff. Normal reaction around here is that we either watched the race, or not.
This week, there were extended discussions about who did what to whom, the great camera work, who was at fault ( either you love Jeff Gordon, or hate him), what the penalties would be, NASCAR's apparent disregard for the safety of drivers(Patrick's spin and no caution flag).
This is exactly what's been missing in the COT era of sterile NASCAR racing.

NASCAR has been inconsistent with dishing out penalties.
Gordon deserves this penalty because of the collateral damage he has caused (Logano, Armirola).
What is over the top is Keselovski fined 25,000 dollars for keeping a cellphone(!) in the race car.
This is supposed to be SPRINT Cup and promo to the series title sponsor!!! Hallo!!..
Now: weigh $25,000 for the cellphone and $100,000 for intentionally wrecking and involving four cars, endangering lives! This is madness from NASCAR!
How about not throwing the yellow after Patrick dumping oil all over the corner?! Pemberton says they did not see it!! Really professional...:-(

Sorry, have to agree to disagree on this one. Over the top? I'd say Kes being dinged 25,000 for a cell phone qualifies. 100,000 for intentionally taking out a championship contender after ignoring a black flag, collecting innocent bystanders, and almost collecting the current points leader (coincidentally in a battle with his teammate driving a car the he has ownership in)? Chump change for Rick and Jeff. Jeffy was under the spell of the red mist. Already ticked off at Boyer, then wrecking himself while unsuccessfully trying to wreck Clint, his clouded judgement put others at risk and may have effected the championship. I've been watching this sport for a long time and while he is a lock to be a Hall of Famer, Jeff is not the choirboy that he pretends to be. He's wrecked plenty of others on the way to victory lane throughout his career and usually started his victory lane speach with "I didn't mean to get into him like that" or "I really hate that I ruined their day". (rant over) In retrospect, it now appears that it's Kyle that got screwed (and I'm no Kyle fan). NA$CAR set the standard by suspending Kyle, but their ever flexible interpretation/enforcemet of their own rules stikes again. We all knew nothing of consequence would happen to Jeff/Rick and company. Maybe that's why there is nobody in the stands.
Another Norm.

I'm not sure why it's a mystery as to Bowyer turning under Gordon's car - he knew if he tried to go round the outside Jeff would punt him into the wall. Turns out Jeff was able to do it anyway.

I thought what Jeff did was stupid, and also unfairly took out Logano and the 43 car(?). Totally deserved a fine, and perhaps even a suspension to put the message across to the other even more hotheaded drivers. Watching two pit crews brawl with each other was entertaining to begin with, but quickly becomes pretty embarassing to witness. I can understand Gordon losing his temper, even if it's a stupid thing to do. But the crew behind the pit wall should be calming things down rather than joining in.

Imagine if the 2 car had been involved, what with the 24 and the 48 more than just team mates (doesn't Jeff own the 48?) - imagine how damaging that conspiracy would have been to the sport.

You are so wrong. The car should NEVER be used as a weapon. What Jeff did is exactly what he complains about all the time. It's one thing to bump a guy to show your displeasure, but to lie in wait, after crashing your own self out, is the equivalent of a football player beat his opponent with his helmet, or a B-baller grabbing a chair to discuss the issue, or a steriod-laced shortstop going into the other dugout with a bat. None of those will be playing soon, and neither should Gordon. He was over the line. Using your car as a weapon is an assault and should never be tolerated.

Right on Moe Foe. We can go on and on about how this is going to effect TV ratings and so on but at the end of the day Gordon used a 3500 pund stock car as a wepon and should parked for a very long time and fined at least 250,000. Norris if someone did this at Oswego what would happen to him? I promise you they would not be racing there again for a very long time.

Thanks Jeff for making my day. I would have too gone after Boyer

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