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Is this Sebastian Vettel the author by any chance? You haven't a clue!!

North America isn't the only place where F1 races have been priced out of the market for the local promoters. We've seen a number of the "traditional" European venues fall off the schedule in recent years as even those tracks can't compete with the big bucks being offered by places in Asia and the Mid-East. Imola and Magny-Cours have been gone for a few years now. There used to be two rounds in Germany, now Nurburgring and Hockenheim alternate and apparently the same thing is going to start happening in Spain with Catalunya and Valencia.

Personally, I don't see F1 vanishing from North America altogether. I think they'll continue racing here as long as the teams and their sponsors want to be racing here... and they seem to want to be here because it is a large market that they don't want to ignore. I could also see a Mexican Grand Prix happening at some point with increased interest there with Sergio Perez who will be moving to McLaren and Esteban Gutiérrez coming aboard with Sauber next year.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.. if these are facts then these are based on the authors opinion. Not because someone's got the trophy doesn't mean they deserve it. Not always and Vettel's one. Put Vettel on that Ferrari car that Alonso was driving and let's see if he can manage even a podium with that. Search the Internet for facts and you'll see what other people believe the true champion = the best driver is. I can tell you, it's not Vettel for sure.. Best car,perhaps he's got it but he's not the best one out there..

# Skyla Anza;

"other people believe the true champion = the best driver is"??? That'll be Vettel then - the person that did best over the whole season and don't give me the rubbish that he's in the best car (Webber has the same car and guess what - he's not as fast). Alonso didn't do that well this season and in fact without pushing the fact that he's the number one driver of the team and getting his team mate to move aside or "break a seal" he wouldn't have even been that close. Vettel is the champion - get over it!!!
PS I'm not a Vettel fan (I'm Kimi fan).

The author doesn't know anything about F1, thats for sure.
Elections on autosport and james allen clearly show the true picture of who is the best driver. I suggest he takes a look at that.
Furthermore he seems to forget about the Red Bull engine maps, brake ducts, holes in the floor and other 'innovative' Red Bull solutions that were all recitfied or declared illegal by FIA, however without punishment. So it is not only Ferrari using the rules to fit them best. In fact it is quite the opposite... RB is just more sneaky.

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