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‘Canadian Tire Mosport Park?’ has been suggested by many since the day after Canadian Tire took over. LOL

I like the name 'Mosport Raceway at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park'. That keeps me happy as it has been Mosport since I can remember and it keeps the sponsor happy as their name is still there. Shall we start sending notes to Ron Fellows?

Remember the Motorsport Expo last year?
I complained bitterly about the disappearance of Mosport to Fellows and to the media panel.
I gave two years to the Canadian Tire name that it won't work, so I guess time is coming up for the reversion.

Well I completely agree, I'm still calling it Mosport regardless. But yes, "Canadian Tire Mosport Park" rolls off the tongue perfectly.

I think it's all about people having to say the name of your brand, in this case Canadian Tire's. The call it "Canadian Tire Motorsport Park" because people are more likely to refer to it by its full name. If they called it Canadian Tire Mosport Park as suggested, people will simply keep referring to it as Mosport at the exclusion of it's corporate title. Likewise, when Rogers bought the SkyDome they renamed it "Rogers Centre" when they could've called it Rogers SkyDome or Rogers Dome.

They can call it whatever they want as long as they keep upgrading the facility and bringing in quality events. Sitting in a lawn chair at turn five, enjoying the sights and sounds of racing (while reminiscing about Clark in the Lotus 49, Andretti in a bent up 66 Charger and McLaren in Penske's Xerex Special) is pure bliss.

It was, is and always will be Mosport

Canadian Tire has a nickname of Crappy Tire for a reason

Running NASCAR trucks around here just makes it crappy and I predict most of them will meet with the tire wall at turn four, drivers right.

What is the duration of the naming rights????

Frankly, not all ideas are good ones. Things progress and no question the history of the park is legendary within Canada. We should be thankful that some good people joined forces and SAVED it from a potential housing development. Agree, that the play on words was likely considered ahead of its time. Thanks to the Hudes Family. For me, it is not so much what you call a place but rather its function and appeal. Maybe a Mosport Hall of Fame could be built on-site for today's and future generations to enjoy. Now, that does make sense. Make it a destination and people (race fans and non-race fans) will make the short trek to Bomanville.

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